Teacher Dress Codes - Morgan Hiatt September 4, 2008...

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Morgan Hiatt September 4, 2008 Education 2110 Teacher Dress Codes: Article Critique The concerns that are addressed in this article include the proper attire for educators. How far is too far when administrators and school boards set these standards? “Teacher Dress Codes” is a compilation of various circumstances in which teachers bring forth their problems to a district court. Most of the rulings result in court decisions that are in favor of the teachers. Charles R. Lemley, the author of the article, mentions multiple cases from California to Mississippi where educators brought forth their issues to the court. A teacher from Louisiana went to a district court because administration required him to wear a necktie. He stated that the rule was illogical and did not relate in any way to the educational influence of students. In this case, the court decided the rule was not ridiculous and that the teacher’s personal freedom was not restricted. The remainders of the cases were of male teachers who held issues of concern about
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Teacher Dress Codes - Morgan Hiatt September 4, 2008...

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