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child soldiers - Think back to when you were the age of ten...

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Think back to when you were the age of ten. The majority of children in this age group spend most of their days in a third grade classroom or watching cartoons on the weekend. Some have the opportunity at this age to travel to Disney World or go to a well-known zoo with their families. Other fond memories include field trips, whether they are at a museum or aquarium, ten year- olds do not forget these fond recollections. What many people do not realize is that at this same age, hundreds of thousands of children are being recruited as soldiers. Currently, there are around 250,000 kids under the age of 18 fighting in conflicts around the world. Many others are members of armed forces who may be sent into combat at any given time. It has also been noted that children under age 10 have been enlisted as soldiers. Children who are most likely at risk of becoming soldiers are separated from their families, poor, transferred from their homes, have narrow access to education or are living in a combat zone. It is possible for
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