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Hiatt 1 Morgan Hiatt Karen Morris English 1102- X 6 March 2008 Cons of Same-Sex Marriage The argument over an approval for same-sex marriage has been long and drawn out. Yes, both sides have valid points to support their arguments; however, opponents to the cause have come up with multiple reasons concerning gay marriage and negative aspects brought about by the approval of it. The pessimistic changes can be found in an array of different categories. Those against same-sex unions have researched what may come of the meaning of marriage, effects the approval would have on children, and disgraces in terms of human nature. Many others have focused on the idea in terms of religion, society, and selfish desires of homosexuals. Some believe that the future will be greatly affected by the acceptance of gay marriage. Marriage is a term not to be taken lightly. If the approval of same-sex marriage was to be made, then the overall tradition of marriage between a man and woman may change. A major part of marriage is to have children and eventually grandchildren. Same-sex partners are sterile and not able to reproduce (Patterson 463). Therefore a third party is often brought into the picture to either act as a sperm donor or surrogate. Many believe that this action weakens the belief that “monogamy lies at the heart of marriage” (Kurtz). Opponents of the cause do not think our culture should be changed because our ancestors made it, and if approved, marriage would have to be completely redefined (Somerville). In terms of marriage, some people who
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Hiatt 2 disagree follow the law that does not examine sexual preferences of the parties to a marriage, but requires that they be of opposite sexes (Ponnuru 466). Approval of this union may also have negative effects on offspring. Children need a
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essay 2-final - Hiatt 1 Morgan Hiatt Karen Morris English...

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