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John Russo A38669634 Assignment #1 September 1, 2008 Geographic information is the knowledge and collection of geographical features. Knowledge of these features allows us to be more efficient and precise in navigation, calculations, census data, terrain, etc. Therefore, in my own words Geographic information is the link between data and map information that is displayed to be manipulated. For my major of economics, Geography 221 will simply be able to help me as it is a class I can take to fulfill credits, but more importantly it can help me with many aspects of economics. With economics being the basis for a broad group of careers, navigation and geographic data manipulation is very important. Economics is all about being efficient and using GPS and GIS to find efficient routes to
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Unformatted text preview: places and knowing what is where for possible sales calls. Also, knowing census data for what a group of people might be interested in would be good for distribution purposes. Census data is very important for economical purposes because of consumption. Another reason this class could help me is that I was always told that you are worth what you know. You never know when knowledge of a subject could be of use in certain conversations, such as a job interview or during a casual golf game. Last but not least, this class helps me for my major because you never know when the knowledge of coordinates may help you. Like when someone is lost and needs help. This broad knowledge base is always good on a resume....
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