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Chapter 55 1. A(n) ____________ cycle is a cyclic path that involves both biological and chemical processes of an ecosystem. 2. A(n) ________ is a permeable underground layer of rock, sand, and gravel saturated with groundwater. 3. The upper, unconfined portion of the groundwater constitutes the water _____, which flows into streams and is partly accessible to plants. 4. The balance between ________________ and respiration is altered by the combustion of fossil fuels. 5. __________ becomes available to organisms almost entirely through the metabolic activities of a few genera of bacteria. 6. Heterotrophs must obtain organic molecules that have been synthesized by
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Unformatted text preview: _____________. 7. Net ______ productivity is defined as the total amount of energy fixed per unit of time minus the amount of energy expended by the metabolic activities of the photosynthetic organisms in the community. 8. Secondary consumers such as _________ and the parasites of animals, feed on the herbivores. 9. Only about ____% of the sunlight falling on the plant leaves is captured by photosynthesis. 10. Except for nitrogen, _________ is the element most likely to be present in amounts so small as to limit the growth of plants. 97...
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