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Chapter 54 1. All organisms living together in a place are called a ___________. 2. Competition shapes communities because there are usually limited ___________. 3. The attempt of two organisms trying to utilize the same resource is called ___________. 4. No two species can occupy the same niche indefinitely without competition driving one to _________. 5. _________ species partition available resources, reducing competition between them. 6. __________ is a term that describes the long-term evolutionary adjustments of species to one another. 7. Secondary compounds play a defensive role for plants to keep from being eaten by
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Unformatted text preview: ________. 8. Aposematic, or warning coloration, serves to protect an animal or plant by signaling to potential ________ to stay away. 9. In _______ mimicry, unprotected species resemble others that are distasteful. 10. In ________ mimicry, two or more unrelated but protected species resemble one another, thus achieving a kind of group defense. 11. _________ relationships are those in which two or more kinds of organisms live together in often elaborate and more or less permanent relationships. 12. Some animals are ______ colored and blend in with their surroundings. 84...
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