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Chapter 52 1. When we ask why a behavior evolved or what its adaptive value is, this is a question of _______ causation. 2. _________ studies behavior, behavioral genetics, and comparative psychology. 3. Tinbergen is credited with founding the field of behavioral _______, the study of how natural selection shapes behavior. 4. Animals tend to feed on prey that maximize their net energy intake. This is called __________ __________ Theory. 5. Animals that acquire energy efficiently during foraging will increase their fitness by having more energy available for ________________. 6. _________ is any behavior that results from experience rather than maturation.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Learning is possible only within the boundaries set by an innate predisposition called _________. 8. Interactions with individuals of the same or other species may be competitive or cooperative; collectively they are referred to as __________ __________. 9. ___________ choice is strongly influenced by the degree of parental investment required and is exhibited by the sex with the higher parental investment 10. Alarm calling seems to be an example of ________ __________, that is, it favors relatives. 11. Chemical signals that mediate interactions between two or more members of a given species are called ________________. 54...
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