Biolog Test 4 2006

Biolog Test 4 2006 - Biology Test #4 1. In an ecosystem ,...

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Biology Test #4 1. In an ecosystem , which statement reflects the relationship w/ energy and nutrients o Energy flows and nutrients cycle in an ecosystem 2. Adult males are most likely to display monogamy if o a small # of vulnerable offspring result from each mating 3. To reduce the amount of cleanup required in urban areas, trees lining the street are commonly male such that they produce only pollen and not fruit these are o Dioecious 4. Succession o Tolerance, Facilitation, and Inhibition 5. Evidence supporting co-evolution of pollinators with specific floral structures is illustrated by o Flowers opening at night to accommodate nocturnal pollinators 6. In kin selection, helping your ______ would help the least. o Sister-in law 7. Reproductive behaviors called reproductive strategy has evolved partly in response to the spatial distribution of: o Food resources, nest sites, members of the opposite sex, members of its own colony. 8. The genetic basis of behavior is supported by o The behavior of animals resulting from mating two closely related species o Studies on the behavior of twins o Mating among animals selected for specific behaviors 9. Modification of behavior as result of experience is called o Learning 10. People who are vegetarians, relative to those who also eat meat from innocent animals o Extract fewer resources from the environment
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Biolog Test 4 2006 - Biology Test #4 1. In an ecosystem ,...

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