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Chapter 41 1. Many plants can _____ themselves by asexual reproduction. 2. Asexually produced progeny are genetically ________ to the parent individual. 3. Flowering plants use animals or wind to transfer ______ between flowers. 4. Woody plants are generally ________, continuing to grow year after year. 5. The _________ pathway to flowering is independent of external cues except for basic nutrition. 6. _______ plants grow, flower, and form fruits within a single growing season, then die when the process is complete. 7. Early seed plants were pollinated by _______, as are present-day conifers.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Plants may promote ________ through self-incompatibility, dioecism, monoecism, or by the physical separation of flower parts. 9. _____ is the process by which a plant sheds its organs. 10. In double fertilization in angiosperms, two sperm cells are involved. One fertilizes the egg, while the other helps form a substance called __________ that nourishes the embryo. 11. When a cell wall is removed by enzymes, the remaining plant cell, enclosed only by a plasma membrane, is called a(n) _______. 187...
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