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Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing About Literature II Allegra Davis 08 March 2008 Joy Luck Club Essay The Joy Luck Club is a series of sixteen interwoven stories about Chinese immigrant mothers and the American influenced daughters as they’re relationship struggles throughout each encounter. Each story presents a different viewpoint of the four main characters, giving the reader inside information of each characters relationship with their mother and how they are similar and different in various causes and situations. However, the under-root for these similarities and differences are seen through the generational gaps and hesitation that exist between the mother and daughters. In Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club , the generational differences between the mothers and daughters causes a drift between Suyuan and Jing-Mei, as well as Lindo and Waverly, that challenges the knowledge of culture and communication gaps created by such relationships. Jing-Mei Woo is American-raised Chinese woman who never understood her mother’s cultural values, and was therefore unable to communicate properly her problems and concerns. While living in America, Jing-Mei was constantly suppressed by her mother to be a successful prodigy, which would make her mother and her “culture” proud of her. At the beginning of “Two Kinds,” the conflict between the mother’s faith and the daughter’s self confidence is given deep emphasis, as Suyuan constantly nags Jing-Mei to take up a talent or hobby and become famous
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Manchanda 2 for it. Suyuan’s true belief, which is emphasized by the swan in the parable of “The Joy Luck Club,” gives the idea that “you could be anything you wanted to be in American” (Tan 141), as all hopes are exceeded in the land of America. Suyuan accepts this axiom and takes Jing-Mei to America in 1949 in hopes of Jing-Mei representing her culture. While living in California, Suyuan constantly nags Jing-Mei of her listless behavior, and shows her different Chinese prodigies on TV, and often compares her to such beings. Suyuan’s faith in the Land of Opportunity creates a generational drift between her and Jing-Mei as Jing-Mei finds it hard to believe that her mother can “pick the right kind of prodigy” (141) for her. She believes it is all dependent on luck and one’s fate if they become successful at such an early age. When Jing-Mei
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Joy Luck Club Essay - Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing...

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