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Kindred Essay - Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing About...

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Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing About Literature II Allegra Davis 29 April 2008 The Misfortunes of Time Travel Dana is a middle aged black woman living in California celebrating her twenty seventh birthday with her husband, Kevin, when he state of consciousness spurs into a slight blur and she is transferred to the 1800s, a time of despair and hatred towards African Americans. Dana transfers constantly between her past and her present trying to preserve her family ties, as well as preserving her own heritage. The misfortunes toward slaves that Dana never experienced is now observed every minute she is on the plantation. The familial connection between her and Ruufus causes her to repeatedly come back to save her family history and her ancestors, as the constant danger faced by Ruufus puts the entire familial lineage at risk. However, at times, Dana is unable to withstand the racism and the treatment she endures from the Weylins and Ruufus, putting the familial lineage at risk once again. In Octavia Butler’s Kindred , the reoccurrence of time travel and racial intolerance in Dana’s past and present causes the corrupting influence of power in the past to destroy the familial relationship in the present. Time travelling between the 1800s and 1976 proves to be keen for Dana to protect her familial lineage, however, it proves to be a test of racial tolerance. When Dana first experiences the “slight blur” (Butler 10), Dana travels back to the 1800s, unfamiliar with the environment to encounter a little boy named Ruufus drowning in the lake. Dana immediately recognizes that
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Manchanda 2 Ruufus is related to her ancestor. Soon enough, Ruufus’ parents, who are plantation owners, are introduced as the Weylins, and display the first aspect of racial intolerance by threatening Dana to “blow her [black] head off” (25). It is observed that the influence of Ruufus’ father is not seen nor promoted in Ruufus, as he is able to respect Dana for saving him from the drowning ware; however, the racism is seen through his father and his mother as they treat her with disgust. IT is not until a couple of days later, years in Ruufus’s time period that the corrupting influence of
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Kindred Essay - Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing About...

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