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Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing About Literature II Allegra Davis 13 April 2008 Challenges of Human Interaction in the Future After civilization is on the brink of elimination due to a deadly nuclear war known as “Flame Deluge,” to specialty of humanity is on the brink of destruction. The possession of knowledge is the key characteristic that made the entire human race more advanced than other species. However, a turn back on all knowledge begins to form as angry mobs of humans pledge to destroy all aspects and existence of knowledge. This backlash period, known as “Simplification,” any literate man or any sources of knowledge were being destroyed. One man, Isaac Edward Leibowitz, sought to preserve this knowledge through the monastic order, Albertian Order of Leibowitz. The course of events over the next several centuries shows the determination of the Order to preserve the knowledge pre-Flame Deluge. In Walter M. Miller, Jr.’s A Canticle for Leibowitz , the repeating theme of cyclic history challenges human communication and beliefs throughout the future due to different goals between the church and the human race. Several years after the Flame Deluge, Isaac Edward Leibowitz seeks to protect and preserve the knowledge that the human race possesses, contradicting the wishes of the rest of the world, resulting in a form of cyclic history. Originally a Jewish electrical engineer, Isaac converts to Roman Catholicism for the sole purpose of protecting the literacy that the human
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Manchanda 2 race possesses. In response to the Flame Deluge, the world enters a phase of Simplification, where mobs are created to hunt down literate men and women and to take their lives painfully. Religion and spirituality are continuously denounced among the general public, bringing on a new form of cyclic history. Cyclic history is always present, where the major forces take control of the actions of the individuals. Due to the destruction caused by the nuclear war, the change in cyclic history causes a drift among those trying to protect knowledge, and the general public, those who are out to destroy all forms of knowledge. This change in cyclic history eventually
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Canticle Essay - Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing...

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