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Short Story Essay - Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing...

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Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing About Literature II Allegra Davis 30 March 2008 Abandoned Communication Near the Californian coast, the narrator decides to visit her expiring friend in the hospital for the first and last time. Fear overwhelms the narrator, which disallows her to overcome her conscience to be with her friend in her last moments. When the narrator finally decides to meet her dying friend, her friend tells her to “tell me things I won’t mind forgetting” (Hempel 730). Unfortunately, the common motif among all her stories happens to be of fear and grief, an inopportune time to remember such events, and causes the narrator to be unable to bond with her friend. In Amy Hempel’s “In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried,” the occurrence of fear proves to be dominant over the narrator’s respect for friendship and her value of communication with her expiring friend. Fear proves to be a dominant aspect of the narrator and the friend’s relationship, as it eventually overwhelms the narrator for her to leave her friend on her death bed. When the narrator first steps into the hospital, somewhere on the coast of California, she feels a chill going down her spine as she has a sense that somebody is watching her. When she is welcomed to the bedside of her dying friend, the girl introduces the narrator “as ‘the Best Friend.’” (731). By being dressed in the same clothes as her dying friend, the narrator feels her mirror image
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Short Story Essay - Manchanda 1 Ramneek Manchanda Writing...

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