Quinidine - Ramneek Manchanda Quinidine/Quinine In the...

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Ramneek Manchanda Quinidine/Quinine In the modern Technological Era, we rely heavily on information about current sciences that can lead to key innovations in the pharmaceutical, medical and engineering field. The growth of the pharmaceutical industry has led to increase in the life expectancies of many people around the world, and the continued research in such a field is heavily encouraged worldwide. One of the key hiatus of life expectancies of humans happens to be health issues concerning the human heart and its proper function. Researchers have devoted much time into researching different chemicals found in the environment that can be incorporated into modern medicine to help push the life expectancy even farther. One such chemical found in a tree called cinchona/quinidine, produces chemical called quinine , “which is useful for heart conditions and malaria” (Kupchan 2007). Since the discovery of quinine, patients infected with malaria or heart problems have been able to find relief in the medicines derived from quinine. Malaria proves to be one of the most contagious diseases on the planet today, and if not treated, can lead to harmful
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Quinidine - Ramneek Manchanda Quinidine/Quinine In the...

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