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Evolution and Tinkering

Evolution and Tinkering - Ramneek Manchanda Evolution and...

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Ramneek Manchanda Evolution and Tinkering Analysis In the new Technological Era today, many issues have created much controversy among different extremist groups. One issue surrounding modern scientists and religion extremists is the theory of evolution that was originally proposed by Charles Darwin. In François Jacob’s “Evolution and Tinkering,” the author first proposes a more intuitive of understanding evolution by first contrasting it with an engineer and then comparing it with a tinkerer, a man that “does not know exactly what he is going to produce but uses whatever he finds” (Jacob 1977). Due to the progress in analyzing the theory of evolution, the article, in my opinion, is outdated, yet is rational. Jacob introduces the comparison of evolution to a tinkerer by invoking the generalization that tinkerers use what they can find to allow them to survive. Immediately, this connection can be seen to the concept of survival of the fittest, where different species that were able to adapt more quickly to their environment were the ones that survived the most. I
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