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Unformatted text preview: Spreadsheet 9 Physics ... girli-fied. KEY Question 1 mass (kg) a b d e time (s) ANSWER - WORK (J) 0 PLEASE USE TO CHECK ANSWERS ONLY, KTNXBAI User Input ANSWER Note on Scientific Notati Question 2 force (N) distance (m) time (s) ANSWER - POWER (W) #DIV/0! HW is due Friday before y Remember that there's a c Note on accuracy: I have s that I got from this spreads However, it might not work Question 3 mass (kg) speed (m/s) time (s) ANSWER - WORK (J) 0 Question 4 ANSWER - AVG PWR (W) #DIV/0! Question 5 time (s) ANSWER - INSTANT PWR (W) #DIV/0! Question 6 height of hill (m) ANSWER - SPEED (m/s) 0 Question 7 length (m) angle () ANSWER - SPEED (m/s) 0 Question 8 mass (kg) spring constant (N/m) distance (cm) ANSWER - INITIAL SPEED (m/s) #DIV/0! Question 9 mass (kg) radius (m) force (N) speed (m/s) ANSWER - SPEED UPON RELEASE (m/s) #DIV/0! Question 10 height (m) radius (m) ANSWER - HEIGHT (m) 0 ote on Scientific Notation: 4 X 10^3 = 4e3 Please learn the material. PLEASE USE TO CHECK ANSWERS Or you will fail the test. ONLY, KTNXBAI And your mommy will be distressed! W is due Friday before you go home! emember that there's a closed weekend. ote on accuracy: I have submitted all of my answers at I got from this spreadsheet and I made a 100. owever, it might not work for everyone. Best of luck, -Susie ...
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