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Physics_Spreadsheet_10 - Physics Homework 10 Question 1...

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Physics Homework 10 Question 1 mass (g) velocity (m/s) depth (cm) Answer Frictional Force(N): #DIV/0! Question 2 Answer Time (s): #DIV/0! Question 3 Enter the weight of the car (N): Enter the car's power (kW): Enter the maximum speed (m/s): Max. Speed on incline (m/s): #DIV/0! Question 4 Enter the Initial Kinetic Energy (J): Enter the Initial Potential Energy (J): Enter the Final Kinetic Energy (J): Final Potential Energy (J): 0 Question 5 Enter the Final Potential Energy (J): Nonconservative Force (J): 0 Question 6 Mass (g): Spring constant (N/cm): Length of Compression (cm) Angle (°): Answer distance up ramp(cm): #DIV/0! Question 7 Coefficient of friction: Answer distance up ramp (cm): #DIV/0! Question 8 Coefficient of friction 0 mass (kg) 0 compression length (cm) 0 spring constant (N/cm) 0 length on slope w/friction (m) 0 Angle (°): 0 total height (cm) 0 part1(b4 slope) #DIV/0! part2(after friction) #DIV/0! Answer: Final velocity (m/s) #DIV/0! Question 9 Enter the degree of the incline (°):
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mass (kg): a (J/m): energy (J): Answer Magnitude of distance(m) #DIV/0!
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