history notes 3 - Mayflower compact Sots up gov for...

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Mayflower compact Sots up gov for pilgrims No separation of church and state 1 st thanksgiving Get scurvey Massachussetts Settled by pilgrims for religious reasons Settled on much larger scale Puritans- mass bay colony Want perfect Anglican society Stock company- permission to settle in new worlds Settle where bosont is today Plymouth separatists, and more radical then puritans Come with a 1000 settles, while other groups had 100s Have both male and children, family groups People more healthier, grow faster, no disasters English was at war, and flood of refugees Mass is second to penn, Economy has farming, fishing, manufacturing Come to new world for religious freedom Mass bay colony is a theocracy Rule by the elect (those chosen under Calvinism, predestination,) Don’t like quakers and Baptists, rebels are exiled Breeding ground for rebel groups Whode Island
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Roger Williams founds the colony Kicked out for being 2 intolerant Advocates religious tolerance for all Receives charter from the king, and becomes colony Have to buy land from Indians, cant just take it Believes perfection is impossible= tolerance o Needs to have separation between church and state b/c church might be corrupted by state opposite of later idea that church might corrupt state
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history notes 3 - Mayflower compact Sots up gov for...

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