history notes 4 - Mercantalismm Colonies exist to benefit...

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Mercantalismm Colonies exist to benefit mother country o Source of raw material which is short supply in England o To be a market for manufactured goods In order to succeed o Need to prohibit manufacturing, so there is no completion with mother country o Need to create a monopoly of trade with colonies-only trade with mother country Principles o Favorable balance of trade Laws o Navigations acts- acts of trade o Give king and parliament control of trade within empire o 1. Old navigation act of 1651 1 st attempt to build up empire by controlling who the colonists trade with only trade with English ships, and English ports ship has to be built and manned by Englishmen England can still export to other contries o 2. Series of acts 1660-1663 Aimed at strengthening English hold on colonies Aim- to develop self sufficiency Stuff has to be carried on English ships, and ¾ of crew has to be English Enumerated commodities o Valuable products- only to be traded within empire o Cotton, tobacco, indigo, sugar o 3. Bans all trade from colonies to mainland
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Cant ship diurectly to france or Holland, has to go to England 1 st Idea is that they can tax goods when they come into the harbor Colonists, don’t have close connections Detrent to smuggling is british navy
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history notes 4 - Mercantalismm Colonies exist to benefit...

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