history notes 5 - French indian war= washington signes...

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French indian war= washington signes treaty, loses Ft necessity Washington loses Albany Convention- create albany plan for unity 1754 Wanted to create grand council- led by governor elected by king All colonies reject it cuz they want England to run things Shows that there is no sense of union Oppose it b/c giving up power to central gov. will take some from states/ colonies Get help from Indians- iriquios, algonguin, and huron War Tide of war shifts b/c new prime minister o New ministers o Moremoney o 3 prong plan Capturing niagra Straiking throught lake champlaign Launching amphibious attack against quebec o Washington goes back, captures fort Duquesne, and rename it pitsburg o 1759, Battle of Quebec, desisive battle on Lawrence river in north America English come up the river, and cant figure out how to get up the cliffs French come out on the plain, and fight battle Both generals die Battle desides outcome of war, vritish win Treaty of paris of 1763 1 st real world war Makes French give up all land claim in north ameria Give Louisiana to spain who is their ally
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Spanish forfeit florida as part of treaty, and Britain controls florida o Significance of war France don’t have anything in America
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history notes 5 - French indian war= washington signes...

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