final vision - The Hotel Business : Service Industry or...

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Unformatted text preview: The Hotel Business : Service Industry or Self-Service Industry? By Will Malnati Hotels: Service Industry or Self-Service Industry? By Will Malnati Introduction R ecent technological advancements are changing the way that hotels interact with their guests. Today, it is possible for someone to go on- line more and more people use the internet to and book a hotel room . They can also make a hotel reservation. Some go online up to a check into their hotel room on-line up to a week before their their arrival stay and check-in . Upon their arrival, they can receive their room key via an automated kiosk in the lobby, stay a few nights with the Do not disturb sign on their door, and and after spending a few nights, quickly depart using express check-out. All None of these actions is can be done without any barely require s any form of physical interaction with an the employees of the hotel. In However, in a service-based industry such as the hotel business, one may find themselves asking, Where is the service Where has all the service gone ? Perhaps the hotel industry needs to take a step back and realize that the word service does not have the same meaning that it once did. R The School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University is the most sophisticated service-oriented management school in the world 1 and is ranked number one for hotel management education worldwide globally 1 . In fact, when upon entering the golden doors of the school, ones can not miss eyes are immediately drawn to a plaque that hangs on the wall and reads reading : Life is servicethe one who progresses is the one who gives his fellow men a little more a little better service E.M. Statler Service is life etc. This quote signifies the centrality of service to hospitality management education. In t his report , I will give the word service a definition that will assist me in explaining my vision of how I believe the transformation of this word will lead to the transformation of the hotel industry. I will also make a distinction between I nformation Technology and I nformation Systems , and how many hotels that invest in new IT fail in their integrating efforts because t hey are unaware of the larger concept of IS . After researching the opinions of many authors, theorists, and business leaders and finding evidence primarily from, but not limited to, the hotel industry, I will...
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final vision - The Hotel Business : Service Industry or...

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