Philosophy 6 Lecture 8-28-08

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Philosophy 6 Lecture August 28, 2008 Big Question: What is it like to be in worlds of books? What are Great Works, why should we study them? (Not necessarily a book) Humanists believe they reveal insights into human nature. Dreyfus and existentialists reject this. “Custom is our nature.” - Pascal. Culture shapes human nature, thus no universal truth of human nature. But aren't there universal truths like love? There are different conceptions of love in different cultures. Heidegger wrote Being and Time in 1927. Believes our culture has had a series of worlds. (e.g. Greek, Medieval) They each have different perspectives and something of each is still around. Humanists think understanding gets better and better. Dreyfus thinks all the books are good. End of course challenge: Dreyfus believes books have been “losing it” since Homer. What is style? Greek life is a lot like modern life, except they have Gods. Dreyfus says they represent
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