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Philosophy 6 Lecture September 2, 2008 Heideggerian viewpoint imagines several epochs with clear and vast distinctions. Humanists believe that art is good if it has Mimesis. It should hold up the “right answer” to human nature. RESEARCH: “Mimesis” is from Greek, closest English translation is “imitate”. ME: Seems like mimesis is an imitation of the truth of human nature in this context. Homer showed the Greeks how to be Greek. Demonstrated Greek excellence. Greeks knew Homer like people know the Bible. Used it to settle moral and legal issues. As people preserved it, it was a living piece of art. It is dead now and so is that brand of polytheism. Fragments of the Greek world still exist though. Good works of art focus or articulate culture. Such work gains followers. People seem to instinctively know what kind of art deserves preservation. Why? Art that merely copies falls by the wayside.
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