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Philosophy 6 Lecture September 4, 2008 Summary of earlier lectures Homeric Greeks are like us, but they had gods. Homer marginalized the gods to make a coherent world. Humanists praise Odyssey , but don't think it fully explains human nature. They say we are autonomous and must take responsibility, Homer did not understand. Heideggerians say we marginalize parts of our lives that Homer thought vital. If we understand Homer's gods, we understand the parts of the world we ignore. Homer sees human understanding in sync with situation or not. Gods are attuning ones, get people in sync. BIG Q: What is the relation of the Gods with people? Telemakhos + Athena Aphrodite + Helen Odysseus + Athena Athena attunes Telemakhos to situation. But cannot give him skills. Gods good for transformations that cannot be brought thru willpower. e.g. Sleep. Moods and worlds Worlds have equipment for doing something, roles to take, and a mood. e.g. Lover is a clear role.
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