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ADOLESCENSE fri 10.12 lec 6

ADOLESCENSE fri 10.12 lec 6 - Adolescense fri 10/12 READ...

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Adolescense fri 10/12 READ BOOK !!!! Dates aren’t really needed, BUT will ask: whats changed, what hasn’t. Bye age 6, the brain is already 95% of adult size! (Q: does brain size matter re intelligence?) -frontal circuts fastest from 3 to 6 yrs old -language systems fastest from 11-15 After this- loosing connections AND developing connections Right before puebery have the most deep motor nuclei: -after: useless or worthless connections then go away because its more efficient. -this pruning makes connections more efficient Dendrites: receive info... need a synapse Axon: propagates along SPEEDS UP CONDUCTION: efficiency. Contributors to Brain Growth, GRAY MATTER <<ITS ABOUT CONNECTIONS. >> -Increase in size and complexity of dendrites -increase in number of branches that axons form as they create connections to multiple receiving neurons. Right before adolencscne: exhuberant synaptogenises: sense connections forming. -making you able to encorporate more experiences Exuberant Synaptogenesis -1999 NIMH MRI study: -2 nd
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