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Study list for Lecture 20 Understand what is the ultimate electron source for photosynthesis Understand why plants need two systems and green-sulfur bacteria only need one system. Ferredoxin contains Fe-S clusters that are one-electron carriers. How electrons from ferredoxin are used to reduce NADP+ that has to take two electrons? Know the details of Q cycle (how many protons are pumped per QH2?) Know the stoichiometry of photosynthesis (where and how many protons are pumped?, how many photons are needed to generate one molecule oxygen? How many photons are needed to make one ATP?) Know the key components in the water-splitting center (manganese and a tyrosine radical) and why manganese is chosen over other metals The dark reactions: You should know the different names for the dark reactions: Calvin cycle, CO2 fixation,CO2 assimilation. You need to memorize the reaction catalyzed by Rubisco, including the names and structures of the substrates, products, and intermediates.
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