Buffer and pH Discussion

Buffer and pH Discussion - Paresh Jha Section 28 Buffer and...

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Paresh Jha Section 28 2/12/08 Buffer and pH Discussion The buffer used in the experiment was a sodium monohydrogen/sodium dihydrogen phosphate buffer system. The expected pH of the buffer was worked out to be 7.34. The recorded pH turned out to be 7.27. Buffer capacity can best be described as the capacity of a buffer to resist a specific amount of acid or base. Based on that definition, distilled water was very weak in terms of resisting change of pH. The original pH was recorded at 6.15 and upon addition of HCL it drastically dropped to 3.97. The sodium monohydrogen/ sodium dihydrogen phosphate buffer, on the other hand, had excellent capacity since the pH only dropped one point after addition of HCl. It went from 7.27 to 7.26 (See attached data). So as expected, the buffer system worked extremely well in keeping the system at a relatively constant pH. The unknown amino acid used during the course of this experiment was 1/A and was the same for both the chromatography and titration tests. The thin layer chromatography test was carried out for arginine, histidine, and glycine along with the unknown amino acid. The results revealed the unknown to be arginine. This was revealed based on purely scanning the completed chromatography paper and calculating the Rf values. Based on the Rf values it seems that
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Buffer and pH Discussion - Paresh Jha Section 28 Buffer and...

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