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Photometry Discussion - Paresh Jha Section 28 2/19/08...

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Paresh Jha Section 28 2/19/08 Photometry Discussion In a Spectrophotometer, the fraction of light that is transmitted through a solution is measured. That fraction of light has a specific wavelength. From the measured transmittance or absorbance the concentration can also be determined and in turn proves that photometry can be a rather useful lab technique. The absorbance rate of the cuvettes themselves in the lab proved to have an absorbance of .088 at 610 nm and .188 at 330nm. The significance of measuring empty cuvettes shows the importance of blanking before measuring solutions. The absorbance of solution A was found to be .395 at 610nm. The measured absorbencies of different concentrations of phenol red at 510 nm provided the data necessary to create a standard curve. The data was plotted as concentration vs. absorbance. From this standard curve, the concentration of the two unknown solutions of phenol red could be inferred. The concentration of unknown 1 was 5.86 µM at an absorbance of 1.150. However, this was only determined after a new dilution of unknown 1 was made.
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Photometry Discussion - Paresh Jha Section 28 2/19/08...

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