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March 1, 2007 Western Civ 2 Les Liaisons Dangereuses Set in pre-revolutionary France, Les Liaisons Dangereuses , by Chonderlos De Laclos, is a portrayal of the extremely wealthy noble class, or second estate. With the threat of a revolution looming, it follows the lives of the privileged second estate and their scandalous acts they partake in to fill their boring lives. Is it any wonder that a revolution lie ahead with all the sex, scandal, and deceit that takes place in Les Liaisons Dangereuses ? On July 14 th 1789, eight-hundred mostly working-class people marched to the Bastille, an old prison that also served as an armory. The situation grew out of control and guns were fired into the crowd. The result was the storming of the Bastille by the enraged crowd, marking the beginning of the French Revolution. What caused this revolution was more then a need for weapons. The people of France were impoverished and discontent with their country. Absolutism was failing and the cost of wars, not to mention the excessive spending of the kings on such things as Versailles, had left the monarchy bankrupt, which meant there was no help for the starving third estate and their lack of money. France was in need of a change. As the lowest class struggled to make money, the upper classes watched and did nothing. The nobility of eighteenth century France really had only one job, to collect taxes from the third estate. These people had such large amounts of money and land that they did not need to work. They lived a lavish life, full of expensive and fine clothing, as well as dining on
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liasons - March 1 2007 Western Civ 2 Les Liaisons...

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