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Notes 09-02 - Notes: 09/02/08 • Five Major Stereotypes...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes: 09/02/08 • Five Major Stereotypes • Blacks in Cinema (1910-1920) o Birth of a Nation (1915) production technical critics reaction myths perspectives of film scholars FIVE MAJOR STEREOTYPES 1) Uncle Tom stereotype submissive, subservient. No matter how much he is mistreated he is always loyal. 2) Mammie stereotype large,dark in complexion; uses her weight to assert power and authority. Unattractive and sexless . 3) Mulatto stereotype tragic figure because she is not totally accepted in the white world, or the black world. She internalizes this confusion and it causes strife. 4) Coon stereotype comical, whitty, sly, lazy, good for nothing. Steals in order to avoid work. watermelon and fried chicken. Gender is misconstrued often and his identity is deliberately altered so that he is less masculine less threatening 5) Buck stereotype black males that are seen as threatening because of their masculinity. “big bad nigger”. they lust for white women. BIRTH OF A NATION (1915) • D.W. Griffith • based on The Clansman by Thomas Dixon o many contradictions regarding his life and what he was o wanted to exacerbate racial divide between the North and the South • Stonemans vs. Camerons families that become divided on the Civil War • one of the first major film productions —20,000-30,000 people worked on the film o 3 hours long o $2 admission—very expensive for that time o 25 mill people saw it after the first two years • Technological features o night photography o moving camera shots o split screens o dissolve; screen image eventually “dissolves” to make transitions between scenes more fluid o iris in/iris out o dynamism—gave illusion that Klans’ horses were almost coming out of the screen. Put cameras in the ground and had the horses approach the hole and then go over....
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Notes 09-02 - Notes: 09/02/08 • Five Major Stereotypes...

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