Notes 09-16

Notes 09-16 - 09/16/2008 Announcements: Thurs. Oct. 9...

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09/16/2008 Announcements: Thurs. Oct. 9 12:30PM- Henry Sampson will lecture at Stone Center Spike Lee has new film coming out (Sept. 26?) will go to see viscious Period: late 1920s-1930s Emergence of Oscar Micheaux- filmmaker worked outside of Hollywood and is not prone to the typical Hollywood constructs worked from 1918-1948 and can bi divided into 2 periods o 1918-1929 o 1930-1948 made more films than any other black filmmaker (over 50 films) first black filmmaker to produce full-length 8mm film with all black cast biography: o grew up in Illinois o worked as Pullman Porter recognizes that land is incredibly important o believed that blacks could “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps” (Booker T. Washington’s idea) o later lived in S. Dakota, had own land and homestead, farmland and desolation o 1911- bought land, after it appreciated in value he sold it and this gave him the $ he needed to begin making films o wrote a lot novels 1913—The Conquest 1915—The Forged Note was about a hypocritical priest. may have been a reconstruction of his father-in-law 1917—The Homesteader the character develops controversial feelings for a white woman many of the characters he made, were based off of people he knew in SD, and the books were semi-biographical 1941—The Wind From Nowhere 1944—Case of Mrs. Wingate 1946—Story of Dorothy Stanfield 1947—Masquerade o he said that white publishers would not publish his novels, so he started his
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Notes 09-16 - 09/16/2008 Announcements: Thurs. Oct. 9...

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