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AtLee Watson Experiment 7: Preparation of Amides from Carboxylic Acids In this experiment, the unknown carboxylic acid (#590) from Experiment 1 was treated with thionyl chloride and then with ammonium hydroxide to yield the amide. It was determined that the unknown acid was p -chlorobenzoic acid. The melting point of the unknown amide was measured to be 171.3 0 C -180.9 0 C. The actual melting point of p -chlorobenzamide is 172 0 C- 176 0 C. In Experiment 1, the melting point of the unknown acid was determined to be 234.5 0 C - 242.6 0 C. The actual melting point of ρ-chlorobenzoic acid is 239 0 C - 241 0 C. After filtration, 0.045g of p-chlorobenzamide was recovered, which gave a 15% yield. One cause for the wide range in the experimental melting point was due to the rapid increase in temperature by the Mel-Temp. The exact melting point was difficult to determine because by the time the solid had melted the temperature could have increased by 2 0 -3 0 C. Impurities in the recrystallized product also would have contributed to a large melting point
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