Economics of the Quarter Life Crisis

Economics of the Quarter Life Crisis - Economics of the...

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Economics of the Quarter Life Crisis In this day and age we live in a material society which is brought up a by pop culture which feeds off high income. Television shows such as “Cribs” which depict the remarkably rich lives of celebrities and their pricey possessions or a show such as “The Hills”; a reality show starring a group of friends in their twenties taking place in Hollywood which projects an illusion onto its viewers that money should not play a part in decision making. It is shows such as these which do not factor in price or the true value of a dollar which help create what is known as the “Quarter Life Crisis” in which all too often college students expect luscious lives after graduation only to find themselves living in their parent’s basement, hating their jobs, in debt up to their ears, or any combination of the three. The truth of the matter is that not only do we live in a material society, but we live in a society with scarce economic resources which does not allow everyone to live
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