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Results: Heating the 80g of malted barley in 200mL of water for 30 minutes produced 133mL of mash liquid which was collected by straining the barley into a beaker. Through the use of a hydrometer the specific gravity was then found to be 1.066. The mass of water in the mash liquid was calculated to be 133g. From the specific gravity the mass of extract otherwise known as the mass of sugars and starches in the liquid can be found. The calculated mass of extract was 8.778g. The percent weight of the extract was calculated to be 8.07% by dividing the mass of the extract by the mass of the mash liquid multiplied by one hundred. To determine the yield of the mashing the mass of extract
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Unformatted text preview: was divided by the mass of barley which was calculated to be 0.1094. The fraction of sugar in extract was determined by dividing the mass of sugar by the mass of extract. The mass of sugar was found through the use of a Glucose analyzer which gave a reading of 1.03 g/L of Glucose. This mass of Glucose was then divided by the 8.778 grams of extract. This resulted in a 1.17 fraction of sugar in extract. All calculations can be observed on the sample calculations page for further illustration. Specific Gravity Volume of Liquid(mL) Mass of Water(g) Mass of Extract(g) Wt% Extract Yield Sugar in Extract Malted 1.066 133 133 8.778 8.07 0.1097 0.132 Unmalte d 1.04g/L 1.03g/L glucose...
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