CSAP Last Assignment pt. 2

CSAP Last Assignment pt. 2 - Patrick Rutherford Spring 2007...

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Patrick Rutherford Computer Science and Programming Spring 2007 April 24, 2007 Last Assignment Document 2 1. In the Spring 2007 semester of CSAP I have learned the basics of Java programming. I learned how to create objects, set parameters and fields, constructors, methods, how to break down and read source code, object interactions and how to call methods located in other classes, how to group objects as far as creating array lists and arrays, and loops such as the while, for-each, and for loops. 2. I do believe that programming will be useful to me in my future and career. I see this because I will be able to write programs to quickly solve complex engineering equations that would otherwise have to be broken down and calculated step by step. 3. What I learned matches up perfectly with the syllabus. The labs and exercises worked to improve programming skills which was reinforced with a quiz every Thursday. It was very well organized. 4. My view of this course has changed greatly from the beginning of the course. This class was not easy but I thought programming was much more complex than it actually is. My views of programming before this course were typing lines and lines of code such as “0110001101011010”. 5. The word “learn” to me is the process of explanation of a particular subject in order to have information on that subject stored in a person’s brain so that they may make use of that subject. My favorite method of learning is by being able to view objects in motion and to see how subjects can be applied to the real world. 6. I was provided with the opportunity to learn the subject matter however, I believe it was more difficult for me to grasp some of the concepts then it was for others in the class. 7. I have not mastered the content of this course however, I believe that I have a pretty fair understanding of how programming works and I can write programs on my own. The parts that are still fuzzy in my mind are arrays and array lists.
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CSAP Last Assignment pt. 2 - Patrick Rutherford Spring 2007...

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