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Final Paper Microeconomics

Final Paper Microeconomics - Patrick Rutherford...

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Patrick Rutherford Instructor: Marshall Genter Microeconomics April 24, 2007 Final Paper: Illegal Immigration and the US Economy Section one Article one: Illegal Immigration's Impact on the U.S. Economy 1 New Mexico and Arizona are a couple out of many states who are feeling the economic costs of illegal immigration. The current illegal immigration status across the US border is severely injuring the US economy. The United States border patrol is failing to stop these mass amounts of immigration due to a combination of a lack of technological resources and because of the vast amounts of land that have to be patrolled constantly. Most, if not all of these immigrants come for economic opportunity which is completely plausible given there current financial situations in Mexico however, it is damaging the American economy. Many people believe that much of the government simply wants to get rid of illegal immigrants but this is not entirely true. The government obviously wants to stop illegal immigration, but the government also wants to be able to help oppressed and devastated communities, some of that which are heavily populated with illegal immigrants. Before more of an effort to accomplish this can become a reality, more money and resources need to be put into protecting our borders. The other issue that is affecting our economy is the loss of jobs due to illegal immigration in which these immigrants take many American jobs because they will work for much less than most Americans. The United States is currently losing a record amount of jobs to two main sources. The first of these sources is that many jobs are moving overseas and the other is causes by illegal immigration. In the years between 2000 and 2003, 50-58% of the United States labor growth has been due to immigrants alone but even the countries from which
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these immigrants come are suffering because they are losing workers. The job market is already very tight and illegal immigration is exhausting it further. Article two: Reform is needed, but not this one 2 Congress and the White House are getting closer to passing an immigration reform bill. The bill would allow an illegal immigrant that graduates from high school to attend a public university or state college at a heavily discounted price. This bill angers a large number of Americans but also strikes a sympathy cord in many others. The argument is that the children of illegals should not be punished for there parent’s decisions. It has been said time and again that the solution to the immigration problem lies with not picking the immigrants out, but by letting them establish residency. This
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Final Paper Microeconomics - Patrick Rutherford...

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