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Unformatted text preview: Fermentable Sugars Michael McDonald Michael Muldowney Patrick Rutherford Jeremy Soto Andrew Flanyak Forecast Although malt extract is commonly used in beer fermentation, other types of sugars can be used as a food source for the yeast. http://www.zeiss.com/C12567BE0045ACF1/ContentsWWWIntern/766C20FD776ADDE5C1257035 Outline Analysis of commonly used amber malt extract. Analysis of three different forms of sugar: Karos High Fructose Corn Syrup Zenjas Honey Farms Pure Honey Mrs. Butterworth's sugar syrup Comparison of the effects the four different sugars have on absorbance, pH, specific gravity, and alcohol content. Background Other forms of sugar can be used in place of traditional malt extract. Yeast simply needs sugar, water, and oxygen to produce alcohol. http://www.slic2.wsu.edu:82/hurlbe rt/micro101/images/swan4a.gif What are these sugars composed of? Composition Malt Extract: 50% maltose 10% glucose HFCS: 90% fructose 10% glucose Honey: 38% fructose 31% glucose 9% maltose http://www.chemsoc.org/ExemplarChem/entries/2001/loveridge/index page3.html Mrs. Butterworth's: fairly even mix of glucose and fructose Amber Malt Extract http://www.coopers.com.au/media/files/ 762.jpg Amber Malt Extract Used as a control CO2 bubbles were present one day after fermentation began Darkest of four beers Final pH: 4.25 Absorbance: 1.14 @ 430nm Specific Gravity: I 1.08 F 1.031 Alcohol by weight 5.145% volume 6.521% High Fructose Corn Syrup http://www.karljones.com/ima ges/karo.jpg High Fructose Corn Syrup Bubble formation on surface Lightest color of four beers Final pH: 3 Absorbance: .111 @ 430nm Specific Gravity: I 1.2 F 1.038 Alcohol by weight 17.01% volume 21.559% Honey http://beeyondwonderful.com/pb /wp_3e619c4f/images/img5474 508bfe5948b3.jpg Honey Bubble formation on surface Color similar to HFCS Final pH: 3.5 Absorbance: .280 @ 430nm Specific Gravity: I 1.060 F 1.040 Alcohol by weight 2.1% volume 2.66% Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup http://teruko san.com/diary/diarypage2_photo/butter worths.jpg Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup Some CO2 bubbles, but less than malt extract Darkest of three chosen sugar based ingredients but lighter than malt extract Final pH: 4 Absorbance: .331 @ 430nm Specific Gravity: I 1.021 F 1.02 Alcohol by weight .105% volume .133% Summary Malt extract is common, but other sugars can form alcohol too. Malt, HFCS, Honey, and Mrs. Butterworths produce different amounts of alcohol. pH's between 3 and 4 Specific gravities went down ...
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