applyingtheory - Engl 009-314 The Hidden God Jarrett...

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Engl 009-314 The Hidden God Jarrett Anthony Applying Theory Final Draft Jared to Fogle: Social Reproduction of Popular Culture The incessant second-hand of the clock mocked me, first clicking then pounding away each fleeting moment until the prompt ten o’clock deadline by which my paper, this paper needed to be complete. Struggling for ideas, I decided to read my previous essay to my roommate, sharing with him my innate hatred for Jared the “Subway Miracle Man.” Alarms sounded, light bulbs lit up, and epiphany struck me as my roommate pointed out a detail from my “Subway” advertisement which was miniscule in sight but immense in significance. Jared’s last name is Fogle…the same name as one of the main characters in the pop-culture hit film “Superbad.” The name is not simply mere coincidence; it appears the writers of “Superbad,” Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, share with me the same intrinsic hate of “Subway’s” Jared and his sandwich eating ways, so much so that they created a character to mock him. That is when I realized that popular culture is a layered entity: constantly growing, continuously building off of itself, and this is how the “culture industry” evolves. We are all the contributors; we are all the victims. The cycle begins with some piece of popular culture, a widely accepted mass-
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applyingtheory - Engl 009-314 The Hidden God Jarrett...

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