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The Siege - After watching the movie “The Siege,” I was...

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“The Siege” is a fictional story of FBI special agent Anthony Hubbard, played by Denzel Washington, investing Islamic fundamentalist terrorist attacks in New York City. The attacks are a result of the recent U.S, kidnapping of an Islamic fundamentalist religious leader who is believed to be responsible for previous terrorist attacks. With the help of CIA agent Elise Kraft or otherwise known as Sharon Bridger, played by Annette Bening, Hubbard is able to track down the terrorist cells in the city. However, before doing so, the terrorist cells successfully blow up a bus and a theater full of civilians, which leads to the declaration of martial law by the president. Soldiers and tanks line the streets of New York City led by Major General William Devereaux, played by Bruce Willis, and corral all men of Muslim decent into prison yards to be interrogated. Overall, “The Siege” is a story of the threat of terrorist extremists and the moral dilemmas of rational leadership in such a state of crisis.
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Unformatted text preview: After watching the movie “The Siege,” I was left outraged at Tarek Atia’s comments about the film. I found Atia’s ability to criticize a film he at not even seen to be ridiculous. How can a person honestly think that they can create an accurate commentary on a film to which they have only seen the movie trailer. Atia has only seen two minutes of brief clips about the movie and yet he believes he can assess the tone and messages derived from the other two hours of a movie he is completely ignorant about. I believe “The Siege” to have objectively displayed Islamic fundamentalist extremists and their acts of terrorism, while at the same time to have honestly portrayed the Arab-Americans in the United States who are not extremists of Islam and love America. One of the main focuses of this film was to display the injustices of racial stereotyping rather than to promote discrimination against the faith of Islam and those who practice it as Atia argues....
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The Siege - After watching the movie “The Siege,” I was...

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