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Class Discussion Response First of all, I am wondering why Will stated that he had three Christmas trees in his house this year. Perhaps I did not hear him but I thought that is what he said. Moving on, Christmas has become a business event as well as a social event to gather together loved ones. The rise of commercialism is simply a greater emergence of the business aspect of Christmas. Fetish Definition Fetish (noun) -an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency
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Unformatted text preview: Chidester Discussion Questions 1) Do you consider baseball to be a religions? Why or why not? If yes, are you a believer and why, if no, why not? 2) How are the church of baseball and the fetish of coca-cola similar and different in their religious status? 3) Why does author, David Chidester present the refuting beliefs about the church of baseball, the fetish of coca-cola, and the potlatch of rocknroll in the middle of his argument for such beliefs?...
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