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The Simpsons episode begins with a dream Homer is having before is woken up by Marge to go to Church. Homer’s initial reaction is to state that he wants to stay home and then supplies excuses for why he should not attend Mass. When Homer’s Church pants rip, he decides to stay home officially. While Marge and the kids go off to freeze during another Sunday sermon, Homer has the time of his life at home dancing in his underwear, making his patented space-age moon-waffle, and finding a penny. When Marge arrives home frozen and exhausted, Homer declares that he will no longer attend Church any longer. Then, in a dream, Homer believes that God has told him that he can stay home from Church. Hearing of Homer’s new-found heresy, Marge and the Flanders attempt to convert Homer back into a Church go-er but fail. While staying home from Church, Homer nearly burns his house down by falling asleep with a cigar in his mouth. Fortunately, Flanders saves Homer from the burning house and the fire department puts
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Unformatted text preview: out the fire. After his near death experience, Homer agrees to return to Church, only to fall asleep in the pew. At the end of the episode, Homer is saved by three people of three different religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. The overall message of this episode, “Homer the Heretic,” seems to be that it does not matter what religion one belongs to, as long as one is active in their faith-life they shall be rewarded. For those who stay home and do not participate in a religion they shall be smited by the lord. America is a highly religious nation as a melting-pot of nearly every religion in the world, however, this episode could be found offensive to atheists. For those who do to practice a faith or do not believe in the existence of a deity, “Homer the Heretic” can be interpreted as a threat that they should watch out or God shall punish them for their lack of faith....
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