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IS in action - HA 275 Information Systems IS In Action...

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HA 275: Information Systems October 11, 2006 IS In Action Rebecca Liu Yosh Rubinstein The Relationship between Microsoft and Hackers: Is it Feasible? The BBC reported that Microsoft is planning to launch a new operating system, Vista, and is searching for ways to protect it from hackers/viruses. To do so, executives are attending hacker conventions such as Hack in a Box to gain insight into the possible ways of breaching the security of the aforementioned system. By visiting these conventions, Microsoft is showing that they are willing to step off their pedestal and listen to outside sources on ways to improve their IT capabilities. The findings of these hackers have proven to be far more troublesome than Microsoft had originally anticipated. This article shows how Microsoft has utilized the social feedback loop by recognizing that the already existent IT knowledge should affect their goal of perfecting Vista, the company’s new operating system for 2007.
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