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IST 331 Team Orange [Kazi Akhter, Sean Bergan, Derek Dutill, Matt Murphy, Aaron Rex, Fanny Yang] February 13 th , 2008 Technical Requirements 1 Hardware 1.1 Screen 1.1.1 The screen shall display in colors that have high contrast, for the colorblind. 1.1.2 The resolution of the screen shall be 1280 x 720. 1.1.3 The screen shall be touch-enabled. 1.1.4 The screen must be durable. 1.1.5 The screen must be smear resistant. 1.2 Input Device 1.2.1 The system shall use a touch screen. 1.2.2 There shall be no other ports on the system that would allow for other interfaces. 1.3 Hard Drive 1.3.1 The system shall incorporate a solid state hard drive. 1.3.2 The hard drive shall be big enough to hold every person’s vote, along with the software. 1.3.3 The hard drive shall be ruggedized. 1.4 Sound 1.4.1 The system shall only use sound for the seeing impaired. 1.4.2 The system shall have no speakers, only a headphone jack. 1.4.3 The system shall speak the candidates’ names and the seeing-impaired voter will touch the screen to vote for the candidate of his or her choice. 1.5 Network Card 1.5.1 The network card shall only be used to connect to a central server inside the voting station. 1.5.2
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IST_331_Team_Orange_Technical_Requiremen - IST 331 Team...

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