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Macky Auditorium experienced a different sort of performance as Ensemble Galilei and Neal Conan narrated a series of “First Person Stories from the Edge of the World.” Six musicians used their instruments: a Celtic harp, Scottish small pipes, viola da gamba, a fiddle, hand drums and a recorder to enhance and recount expedition photos that were projected on a large screen for the audience. Ensemble Galilei combined classical and Celtic notes to create a very pleasant rhythm and tunefulness to their performance. Thirteen different expeditions were featured in the concert varying from Arctic travels to discoveries by Galileo to oases in the middle of the rain forest. Several of the stories from the “edge of the world” were quite detailed with many photos and great vocal narration from Neal Conan. My favorite expedition was entitled “Are You a Spirit or a Man?” featuring Gretel Ehrlich, an American travel writer,
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Unformatted text preview: novelist, and essayist. As photos of Ehrlich during a journey above the Arctic Circle were projected on the screen, Ensemble Galilei played a homophonic piece with an intense minor chord. The chord type was appropriate for Ehrlich’s expedition because it was challenging and extremely cold, as reflected by the music. One photo depicted Ehrlich’s sled dogs as they were running and the music changed drastically for a moment to an amplified rhythm. The musical piece complimented Ehrlich’s journey above the Arctic Circle perfectly. Ensemble Galilei’s performance was a refreshing change to typical concerts because there was the visual element through the expedition photos and the vocal element through Neal Conan’s narration. It was an enjoyable, musical experience for the audience....
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