Absolute Zero - volume of gas at several temperatures...

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Absolute Zero Physics 408 Abstract: The goal of this experiment is to calculate absolute zero by taking pressure readings of a closed container, filled with air, at different temperatures. Our result for absolute zero was -366.67*C. However, this is a 34.2% error from the accepted value.
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Introduction and Theory: When a pressure of a gas decreases so does its temperature, therefore it is believed that when there is absolutely no pressure then temperature cannot be any lower. This point is called absolute zero and this lab is designed to estimate this temperature. Using the equation (y1-y2)/(x1-x2)=m we can calculate the slope of a P vs T graph. This will be used in the equation y=mx+b in order to calculate the point where y=0 (Absolute Zero). In this experiment we will measure the pressure of a fixed
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Unformatted text preview: volume of gas at several temperatures measured by an ordinary lab thermometer. Data: Temp Bath T (*C) P (PSI) Cold .25 16.9 Room 22.0 17.5 Hot 90.5 20.9 Sample Calculations: Results: Temperature vs Pressure 5 10 15 20 25-400-300-200-100 100 200 Temperature (*C) Pressure (psi) Calculated Absolute Zero:-366.67*C Absolute Error: 34.2% Discussion and Conclusions: I encountered a problem with our pressure gauge during this experiment. It measures the PSI at room temperature to be 17.5 psi and the accepted value at STP is 14.7 psi. I believe that this may have caused an error in our results because if each point on our graph is 19% higher then our value for the absolute zero is going to be 19% farther than what it would be if we had properly calibrated equipment....
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Absolute Zero - volume of gas at several temperatures...

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