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Personal Essay Scene

Personal Essay Scene - English 401 Section 24 Ryan Flaherty...

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2/19/2008 English 401 Section 24 Ryan Flaherty An Ethical Commitment A girl that has the perfect shade of red hair, which always becomes ten shades darker after she finishes putting in all of her hair product in the morning, is standing in a room with me. Curls spiral all the way down to the center of her back. “Why should animals, that are bred to move only a few feet in the lifetime, die so I can eat? There's a better way Alex. That’s why I am a vegan,” Allison explains, careful not to come off like she is somehow better than me because of this. She could convince a man that’s five foot eleven standing next to a tape measure that they are both five foot nine. She looks straight into my eyes with concern as she elaborates that “The meat industry is the largest polluter in the world, is responsible for the disappearing rain forests and the destruction of other ecosystems across the world.” Allison is the type of person that always seems to be right. This may be because she never seems to run out of facts to support her claims. Whether or not these 'facts' are true or not is a completely different matter. However, everything she says about veganism can be corroborated with actual evidence. I know this because I have seen people foolish enough to argue with her about this. Many people had assumed that since she was my girlfriend she was always trying to convince me to become a vegetarian too, however this was never the case. “Alex, close your eyes and tell me if this tastes like tuna fish,” Allison said excitedly.
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“Uh, what? You have to at least tell me what I am going to eat first. Would you trust me to feed you something with your eyes closed while I ask you if it tastes like tuna fish?” I responded with a chuckle. “No, because it probably would be REAL tuna fish! Its just crushed chick peas and nayonnaise (vegan mayonnaise). I swear it tastes just like tuna,” Allison replied as if I was opposed to trying new types of foods.” And of course it did taste like tuna fish, just like she said it would. Before I became a vegan, she always thought that I was against eating vegan food, however I would always eat the same food as her, while I was around her anyways. On our anniversary, once again before I was a vegan, I planned a complete vegan picnic. I had attempted to make, by myself, hummus and French fries, her two favorite foods. On the internet, I researched how to make hummus and I decided upon a recipe that called for a lot of cilantro. This was a bad idea.
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Personal Essay Scene - English 401 Section 24 Ryan Flaherty...

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