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Quiz on EntrepureneralImperative

Quiz on EntrepureneralImperative - YuriyUrakhchin...

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Quiz on The Entrepreneurial Imperative Yuriy Urakhchin Started: January 29, 2008 1:09 AM Questions: 17 Finish Help 1. (Points: 20.0) Which of the following are among the items that Carl Schramm says will not give America an economic advantage going forward [choose all that apply]? 1. Education 2. Superior technology 3. Entrepreneurial capitalism 4. Finance 5. Manufacturing 2. (Points: 10.0) Which of the following are among the benefits that Schramm attributes to entrepreneurship [choose all that apply]? 1. It generates value for others 2. It provides personal freedom 3. It fosters growth and prosperity 4. It encourages the development of government agencies that foster growth and innovation. 5. It protects political and economic liberties 6. It is the best guarantee of individual wealth. 7. It does not require the individual to undertake personal risk. 3. (Points: 10.0) Schramm maintains that the United States must not export entrepreneurial capitalism abroad, so as to maintain our competitive advantage. TrueFalse 4. (Points: 10.0) According to Carl Schramm, what percentage of the United States population is running their own business at any given time? 1. Over 20% 2. Nearly 30% 3. 15% 4. 18%
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5. (Points: 10.0)
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Quiz on EntrepureneralImperative - YuriyUrakhchin...

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