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1) Victor Kmita, 19417554, Philip Spencer 2) alk_and_sand 3) A chemical engineer from Pennsylvania State University proposed a new way to mix carbon dioxide with a type of mineral called serpentine, producing sand and another common material that is similar to chalk. This process, however, requires a lot of energy. A power plant that develops its emissions for storage into serpentine would only receive a 10 percent loss of energy, but if the technique could be applied on a large scale, storing carbon in minerals would become competitive with other proposals for getting rid of carbon, such as what Richard Muller pumping carbon dioxide deep underground. The combination of grinding and chemical action breaks down serpentine into magnesium and silica, which is pretty much sand. Then one adds ammonia and pumps carbon dioxide in. “The ammonia neutralizes the acid, allowing the carbon dioxide to dissolve and react with magnesium, forming
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