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From coast to coast, the fascination and demand for small-time wind turbines is growing extremely rapidly. These turbines can be mounted on any rooftop, from skyscrapers to houses. The mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomburg, has proposed to add a hefty amount to the city to act and appear more environmentally conscious. Bloomberg wants to see these turbines on a large majority of the bridges and skyscrapers in his city. The reason that New York will appear more environmentally conscious is simple. Wind turbines are visible and very hard to miss. The circulating fins and elevated structure draws eyes, unlike any other clean-energy alternatives, like solar panels. There are, however, a few major problems with these relatively small wind turbines. Approximately two can fit on an average home, and they currently cost $6,500.00 each. These small turbines provide so little energy that energy experts are not sure they will ever be worth the investment. Experts also stress that rooftops, while extremely numerous, are usually poor places to take advantage of
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