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Austin Kelly English 101 Thesis paper Boys and Girls Throughout Boys and Girls, the narrator struggles to be recognized by her father, who she looks up to so dearly. As the story progresses, the narrator faces struggles with her family that forces her to decide upon who in the family she respects, trusts, and who she does not. Unexpectedly, at the end of the story, the narrator goes against what her father would see as acceptable and follows her intuition of right and wrong, even though it may affect the relationship between her and her father. In the beginning of the story, it is evident that the narrator desperately tries to help her father with his duties around their farm. If not already known, the narrator and her family run a farm where the animals (mainly foxes) are skinned and their meat and skin are sold for the main income of the family. What we see in the story are the conflicts between the narrator and herself. She struggles to make it evident with everyone around her that she is not “just a girl.” The Narrator finally receives some recognition in the foremost part of the story when a feed salesman of some sort visits her father. During this visit, the little girl’s(narrator’s) father says “I want you to meet my new man,” and turns to the little girl while the man says, “I thought she was just a girl.” To the narrator, this is very significant due to her idiosyncrasy of making sure people know that she is more than just some girl. With this thought process of being “part male” as we will call it, she seems to look down on her brother, Laird. Ironically, her brother is much larger than she is, but still can’t
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seem to wrestle her down to the ground yet. About mid-story, the family comes in possession of two horses, Mack and Flora. In the story, these horses are significant to the plot as well as character development. Eventually, the male horse (Mack) loses his teeth and the father decides to euthanize it due to the fact that they have no way to help it survive. Before the horse is executed, the narrator brings her brother to the barn that is next to the place where their father will shoot the horse with his ranch hand, Henry. Once the horse is taken care of, the narrator coolly turns to her brother and tells
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Boys and girls revision - Austin Kelly English 101 Thesis...

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